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BabyFest! Portland and RozeeCheeks Organic Baby Boutique!

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And we’re back from our very first BabyFest! Portland Expo as a vendor! It was an unbelievable experience for us as we are new small business owners! We launched RozeeCheeks Organic Boutique in September 2016 as an on-line only marketplace with three of our favorite suppliers and a dream. We wanted to bring some incredibly stylish, but lesser known organic baby brands to our marketplace but with a price tag that would not break the bank. Well, here we are 8 glorious months later and we’ve growing like a weed! We were positioned squarely in the middle of the hall, in front of the main stage. We had a prime location thanks to the lovely ladies at Pintsized Productions. So here’s an overview of our day at BabyFest!

We arrived just after 1p.m. Friday afternoon, did not have trouble getting checked in to our booth location and getting set up. Everything was just as promised with no hassle. Again, excellent work by the Oregon Convention Center crew. The next morning we arrived, checked into to get exhibitor badges and we patiently waited as the doors opened to VIP guests. It was fairly slow going until around noon, then entered the fun- the babies arrived!! Now, I love babies and most of us there do as well!

As an exhibitor, I did not know what to expect from my fellow exhibitors. I was nervous, was my booth “nice”? Will the mamas like my products? Will my neighbors be cool? Yes, all of these things flow through your mind as a first timer. Well, let me tell you! I had stellar neighbors, next to and across from me! As we continued through our day we had multiple exhibitors stop by and complement our booth and products, it was actually like giving birth to your own baby again, this time it is your small business that you have nurtured, cared for and loved deeply and at some point you have to release them to the world, (or at least PDX!) J  The amount of love we received from the fellow exhibitors was amazing as well. Most people might expect this to be all about sales, but it truly turned out to be an exceptional networking event for us.


We now have 5 collaborations in the works with companies much larger than ours who are poised to help us grow organically! These opportunities would be have been afforded to us at this point had it not been for BabyFest! Now, let’s not forget that we did have sales as well. We met hundreds of new parents and babies, and in the end, it was a Baby shower where we are celebrating these new lives! I wish I could personally thank everyone who came out and supported the 100+ business represented during this event.

Let’s not forget our AMAZING BRANDS who were the absolute stars of the show:

Finn+Emma, Kate Quinn Organics, Spunky Stork, Colored Organics, BabyLegs, BeruKids, Nohi Kids and Billie Blooms!!!

I especially want to thank my neighbors ABC Milestones, 100% Pure Cosmetics, Re-Play & Plum Organics!

(Huge hugs to my husband who completed the set-up and tear-down of our display and manned the booth alongside of me!)

You guys ROCK!!!!



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