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Meet Sadie!

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Meet Sadie!

We recently hosted our very first brand rep search for RozeeCheeks Boutique! We were looking for trendsetting kiddos, who’s parents supported small business  and boy did we luck out with a couple of great kids! For the next few months, we will spotlight some of our favorite gear from the shop and you’ll get a chance to see how these moms have taken some of the trendiest styles and paird it to make adorable outfit inspirations!

Our First Featured Darling is Sadie Rae, a fun-loving 15month little gal who will steal your heart.

“She has 3 older brothers that adore her! I swear she won’t be dating until she’s 50! The sweetest little gal with just the right amount of sass to make herself known. She loves music, dancing, eating turkey sausage, bonnets, and collecting little items in small baskets. Has a special connection with the middle of the 3 boys, Gideon. They seem to already have their own language. She is such a JOY!” mom, Heather says.

We would describe her style as trendy, yet whimsical. We love that she can typically be seen in bonnets knee highs and paired with her favorite pair of Billie Blooms. Follow us as we share some of her amazing flat-lay outfit inspiration as well as the “come-to-life” shots that typically soon follow!


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  • Heather Cromwell

    Well she’s Cute! 😂😍

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