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Some "Bunny" Loves Baby!

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Some "Bunny" Loves Baby!

Spring has officially arrived (in less than 12 hours that is) and with that, we know Easter is upon us as well. I am a mother of 3 very rambunctious little boys, but I clearly recall every Easter, my mother dressing me up in the biggest, fluffiest dresses she could find in colors from seafoam green, a blush pink to a very lovely peach or lavender. These were all of the things I looked forward to when having children, especially a little girl of my own.  But, that didn’t happen so as luck would have it, I’m fairly obsessed with unique fashion trends and textiles, babies and ethically sourced materials to support a stable environment for our children!

The Spunky Stork and Kate Quinn Organics have a very large footprint in the sustainable, eco-friendly children’s apparel initiative and lucky for us here at RozeeCheeks Baby Boutique we have these amazing brands available in our store to share with you. I have picked some on the trendiest styles for your little girl this Easter, some classic, trendy but ultimately unique and best of all comfy and 100% Organic Cotton to support an eco-friendly environment. Here is a run-down of our top 5 dresses that are versatile enough for your trend-setting little diva on Easter, right on through summer!

  1. The Blackberry Medallion Dress

This dress is absolutely adorable. We challenged the idea of lavender for a more daring purple with white contracting lines. The short bell sleeves make this a comfortable must have for babies 1st Easter! I love this snap back closure and the button bottom snaps to make diaper changes a breeze!

  1. The Flutter Sleeve Bubble Dress-Sparrow

We have two styles in the Sparrow print that are incredibly unique but also dare to cross over that traditional seafoam green to more enchanting colors of green and blue. Check out both the flutter sleeve and Button Dress.

  1. The Bubble Button Calico Romper is a crowd favorite because of it's incredibly classic design and prints. The off-white and bark brown Calico prints offers a unique appeal that you rarely see in little girls’ apparel let alone rompers. To add a modern twist, the wide off-white band features 4 classically styled buttons at the waist.


Not Feeling a dress? Wanna go a bit more Spunky for an Easter Egg Hunt?

  1. How about going against the grain in a precious English Rose or Bunny pattered Romper? This ruffle print adds a fun feeling to outfit, while pairing it with precious headband and summer jelly sandals!


  1. The Spunky Sport went comfy, playful and yet incredibly tasteful with their carefully handcrafted Playsuits that will win over your heart! The lace necklines make for a more elegant feel allowing baby to have fun and relax all the way right though summer!


Just for fun check out this exclusive, cute hand-printed bodysuit for Easter!


We like to pull together pieces that are not your typical style, so check them all out and let us know which one is your favorite! You can shop all of these looks now! https://rozeecheeks.com/collections/baby-girl/


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